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Cover of Infographic 22 ways dogs can make humans healtheir
Pug peeking through sign Decoding Your Dog
INFOGRAPHIC: Decoding Your Dog’s Body Language
Puggle underwater
Unleashed: Seth Casteel’s Underwater Puppies
Game Of Pugs: All Canines Must Live
dog on top of building during sunset
DOGS Star in Korean Drama Music Video
Dog hoisted on wire to mountain
DAREDEVIL Dog Attempts BASE Jumping!
Luxury Paris Suite with bed for dogs
The “Million Dollar” Doggy Vacation

Now that’s a Rich B*tch! Insane Photos of DOGS living LARGE!

Does your dog ever dream of sleeping on a bed of greenbacks? Flying on his own private jet seated next to the window? Taking equestrian lessons in full gear? Or having her own Chanel handbag and sunglasses to bask in? As over the top as it may sound, photos of some of the most privileged pooches drenched in the most ...

Canine Gourmet: World’s 1st Udon for Dogs!

Is your dog tired of the same kibble diet day after day? Does he/she need a little variety? Well, look no further, Japan has recently introduced the World’s 1st udon noodle for dogs! Udon maker Seimenya  in Kagawa Prefecture claims that their line of udon noodles are easy for dogs to digest, low in salt and most of all ...

Night scenery Halloween

The CUTEST Halloween COSTUMES for DOGS 2014!

Halloween is one of the most festive times of the year. While costume parties are the funnest events to attend, having the right costume can play a big part of the fun.  While many of us may be planning our outfits this year, how about our furry friends and family members? From elaborate costumes to the simple and ...

dogs sit in a focus group

Behind the Glass Mirror: Dogs Give Feedback at Focus Group

Focus groups are often thought of as sterile meeting places where people gather to give their belief, opinions and perceptions on products and services. But what happens when the respondents are dogs? In this comical commercial  presented by giant discounter Big Lots! we are invited into a world where Pets rule and their ...

Infographic: Origins of Designer Dogs

Is your pooch a purebred or a purebred descendent?  Chances are, if you own a designer dog your pooche's family tree can give you clues into his/her canine heritage.  Did you know that nearly half of all domesticated dogs are mutts?  The American Canine Hybrid Club recognizes 615 designer breeds.  So how do you get a ...

Dog Infographic: 10 Dogs You’d Recognize in Film

Did  you grow up watching Lassie and always tuned in to see when he'd come home? Or for those of you who were familiar with Hooch from the film "Turner and Hooch" you won't forget he was Tom Hank's co-star. If you're a film fanatic you'll sure appreciate the following dog Infographic. From the classics to today,  you ...